SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

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2018-2019 SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

WELCOME to the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge (SoCal CCC) information Webpage!

In its tenth year, The SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge (SoCal CCC) is once again reaching out to all students in the five-county region of Imperial, San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties!

Middle and high schoolers alike – It’s time to get excited, form a team and learn about one of the most exciting career choices you can make, while having fun and working together with your friends to bring big money to your school or organization. We have awarded more than $100,000 since the first Challenge to help schools build their cyber programs.

Here is what you need to do:

Simply form a five-to-eight-person team with a few of your friends, ask a teacher, counselor, or a parent to be your coach and have them register your team! If you wish, the organizers will help find a mentor for your team that can guide you through the exciting training steps and learning process. More than likely you will be on top of your game in a very short while!

Registering your team:

#1 Ask a teacher, counselor or one of your parents to be your coach.

  • The Coach will be responsible for your team.
  • The coach must register each team and ensure all forms are correctly submitted, and assist with access to computers, etc., during the practice and qualification rounds.
  • Coaches may have as many teams as they wish to be responsible for
  • Required information will include:
    • County that the school/organization is physically located in
    • The name of the school/organization they are representing e.g. ABC High School
    • Team name
    • List of participants on each team
    • Contact information for the Coach (cell number, email, etc. with full name and any affiliation with school/organization)
    • Waiver forms
    • Media release forms
    • T-shirt sizes


#2 Form a team – the minimum number of participants per team is five (5) and the maximum is eight (8).

  • Teams may be co-ed, all boys or all girls; it is your choice
  • Each team should have a unique name
  • Teams should work with their coach to register their team and student names, t-shirt sizes, and other required forms/information

That’s it! Register at:

The organizers will reach out to the Coach and share orientation times, and other details in the next few weeks

A Special Thanks to the Organizers


Sponsorships and general information email: [email protected]
Information on Team Sign‐up or to MENTOR: [email protected]