SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

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2017-2018 SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

NDIA San Diego Chapter and fellow Organizers Securing Our eCity and National University held the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge on March 24, 2018. After about 9 months of effort, 14 San Diego and Southern California area schools met at the UCSD Supercomputer Center for the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge 2017-18 Finals. Eight of the teams were in the Varsity Division (high school) and six were in the Junior Varsity Division (junior high).

Pursuing a mission fitting our town, the Varsity challengers began their day at 0800 with a forensic challenge that included a staged “crime scene” investigation and collection of data.The Varsity teams made the panel of judges proud with their thoroughness and attention to detail while presenting their analysis and findings. This was followed by all teams utilizing their individual and team skills to stop hackers and protect their systems that mirrored real-time cyber attacks via an online gaming platform utilizing Circadence Project Ares.

Congratulations to all of our Challengers!
Varsity Division (Top 3)

1st Place Del Norte High
2nd Place San Marcos High
3rd Place Westview High

Junior Varsity Division (Top 3)

1st Place The Cambridge School
2nd Place Eastlake Middle
3rd Place Oak Valley Middle

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Varsity and Jr. Varsity teams received Grants in the amount of $6000, $4500, and $3500 respectively.

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing professions on the planet generating more than a $1.5 billion impact on the local San Diego economy alone. Organizers of the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge have brought together the best and brightest students from Southern California to compete for the prestigious Cyber Cup here in San Diego. The cyber defense competition was open to all high school and middle school students and expanded into Imperial, San Diego, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. This event is the hallmark of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) outreach initiatives. Over 500 students participated in the challenge this year with 14 teams making it into the finals, on KUSI Good Morning San Diego, they spoke with the Champions.

Thanks to all the Students, Coaches, Mentors, Parents that participated this year and we look forward to you returning next year.

This event is made possible by all our generous Sponsors. THANK YOU!

SoCal Cyber Cup 2018

The cyber defense competition, which is hosted by the nonprofit NDIA San Diego Chapter, Securing Our eCity Foundation, National University, and for profit Circadence, is focused on engaging students in learning about cybersecurity. The Cyber Cup’s goal is to encourage students to learn about computer security threats by providing an educational venue where students are able to apply the theories and practical skills they have learned, and foster a spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior and effective communication both within and across teams.

Project Ares – Next Generation Training for Next Generation Warriors

Link to Project Ares Info:

Circadence Project Ares, the only gamified, artificial intelligence (AI) powered cyber training solution, changes the paradigm for cybersecurity education by engaging learners interested in or pursuing a STEM-focused path
by utilizing real-world tools and tactics in immersive, virtual environments.

Students at all levels of proficiency have access to an evolving library of mission scenarios and modern educational resources in a hands-on, gamified environment that brings the static classroom to life. They work alone or in teams to stop hackers, protect systems, and hone their skills inside
environments that mirror the actual businesses and organizations they will defend in their future careers.

Developing the next generation cyber workforce starts with Circadence Project Ares.

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