SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

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2017-2018 SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge

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The cyber defense competition, which is hosted by the nonprofit NDIA San Diego Chapter, Securing Our eCity Foundation, National University, and for profit Circadence and Scalematrix, is focused on engaging students in learning about cybersecurity. The Cyber Cup’s goal is to encourage students to learn about computer security threats by providing an educational venue where students are able to apply the theories and practical skills they have learned, and foster a spirit of teamwork, ethical behavior and effective communication both within and across teams.

Project Ares – Next Generation Training for Next Generation Warriors

Link to Project Ares Info:

Drawing on the power of immersive 3D interfaces, award winning Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and a proven cyber range, Project Ares is a next generation multiplayer cyber warfare training platform. Its game-like interface delivers unparalleled ease-of-use and efficiency.

Project Ares combines SparkCognition’s real-time threat intelligence from the cloud with Circadence Virtual Machine orchestration capabilities. The system uses Machine Learning to create profiles of new types of attacks seen in real world Cloud deployments. By applying SparkCognition’s AI engine, the system can weaponize newly discovered attacks to keep training fresh, relevant and challenging.

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For more information, click below to download:

Student brochure

Sponsor brochure

Mentor brochure

15 Sep – Team Registration Opens

14 Oct – 2 Nov – Practice Round 1

11 Dec – 31 Dec – Practice Round II

27 Jan – 8 Feb – Qualification Rounds*

24 Mar – Finals and Awards

• Teams must sign up for a specific time slot to qualify. Teams may participate once in order to qualify

Note: parents must register their student under the age of 18 in order to participate. Communications will take place through the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge site:

Sponsorships and general information email: [email protected]
Information on Team Sign‐up or to MENTOR: [email protected]

Congratulations to the 2017 SoCal Cyber Cup WINNERS!

1st – Del Norte High School – $4000 scholarship
2nd – Westview High School – $3000 scholarship
3rd – Grossmont High School – $2000 scholarship
4th – Canyon Crest Academy – $500 scholarship

1st – Oak Valley Middle School – $4000 scholarship
2nd – Black Mountain Middle School – $3000 scholarship
3rd – Design 39 Campus – $2000 scholarship
4th – East Lake Middle School – $500 scholarship

SoCal Cyber Cup 2017