NDIA San Diego presents these awards annually:

Twice a Citizen

Twice a Citizen awards are for people who served and then serve again in the Reserve. They exemplify leadership, self-sacrifice and a commitment to service. The Twice a Citizen award is chosen by a committee based on nominations from local commands.

Lasswell Award

In 1942, Marine Corps Major A. Bryan Lasswell, was a cryptologist stationed at Pearl Harbor. He worked day and night to decipher radio traffic of the Japanese Navy, helping to trigger the American victory at Midway Island. He was innovative, believed in excellence, and worked tenaciously to get the job done. Innovation, excellence, and tenacity are the hallmarks of this award. This award is intended for mid-level technical personnel directly supporting the fleet, the award(s) will be given in two categories.

  • Technology Innovation Award for the best application of a technology-based solution to a problem facing operating forces
  • In-Service Engineering Support Award for excellence in technical support to operating forces.

The Lasswell award is chosen by a committee based on nominations from local commands.

NDIA’s “Top Graduate” ROTC Awards

The local Air Force, Army and Navy ROTC Units are comprised of ROTC students attending multiple universities in the San Diego area.  Each unit has its own award nominating and selection process, and then the Service ROTC Unit Commanding Officer signs off on each of the selected awardees.  Units present their Top / Distinguished Awards during their respective Fall or Spring Commissioning Ceremonies. NDIA San Diego provides a formal citation and a service-specific Sword or Saber for up to two Top and Distinguished Graduates per service each school year.