The committee objective is to foster technical communications between government and industry in the area of procurement efficiency. Procurement efficiency encompasses:
• Maximizing the effectiveness of the DRFP, RFP and “Industry Day” as mechanisms for communicating government desires to industry, and for the DRFP and Industry Day, receiving industry feedback
• Exploiting government-industry fora to proactively level the competitive landscape by providing procurement planning information as soon as possible.
• Using different contract types to best effect consistent with evolving DoD procurement directives, fashions or emphases.
• Understanding how to effectively use “performance-based” and fixed price contracts for services.
• Minimizing negative effects of Terms and Conditions and other “boiler plate” contract provisions (e.g. OCI provisions) on industry partners’ ability to deliver the best product.
• Exploring procurement procedures which enable project developers and purchasers to make changes to their requirements with relative ease
• Identifying and applying the procurement performance and operational benchmarks that procurement leaders can use to measure procurement efficiency.
• Promoting ethical behavior by industry and government procurement personnel.

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