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Information updated April 3, 2020:

There are no confirmed COVID-19 cases for NIWC Pacific Military, Government Employees, their dependents, and our Contractor team. Please keep doing what you are doing.  If you suspect you have a COVID-19 issue please contact your supervisor. For Supervisors, upon notification, please contact the CDO at [email protected]or via TEL (619) 208-3036.

A few more updates regarding operations under Health Protection Condition Charlie (HPCON C):


Continue to maximize the use of TW and practice social distancing to include avoiding large gathering.  The direction for our workplace continues to be no more than 10.  Social distancing is 6 feet or greater.  If in the workplace, please work to keep the distance between each other to the max extent possible.  If you have questions, please contact your supervisors.

Point Loma and Subbase access

There will limited gate manning beginning Monday that will result in the gates being placed in automated mode during the work day or earlier at the end of the work day.  Todd Taylor is sending regular updates on gate scheduling.  In automated mode you will to use you NIWC Pacific Badge at all entry points with the exception of Old Town.  Please make sure you know your PIN.  To reset your NIWC badge pin, follow the instructions on the HUB:

Gate schedule starting Monday, 23MAR, is as follows:

Topside:  – Electron Gate: Manned and open Monday through Friday 0500-1700.  Closed at all other times.

– Mills St. Gate.  Closed Monday through Friday 0500-1700.  Open for automated access and exit all other times.


– Gate Road Gate: Manned and open Monday through Friday 0500-1800.  Closed at all other times.  (Gate Road Gate is inside SUBASE just past the sentries heading inbound on Rosecrans)

– Strothe Road Gate: Closed Monday through Friday 0500-1800.  Open for automated access and exit all other times


– Manned and open 0500-1700 Monday through Friday.  Open for automated access and exit all other times

NOTE: Please be flexible as NBPL Security may adjust gate hours based on vehicle traffic throughput in order to balance their resources to areas with the greatest need.  We’ll do our best to keep NIWC employees notified of changes.

OT Gate Access: There will be limited gate manning beginning Monday (3/23); Hours will be 0630 – 0830 and 1430 – 1630.  Access outside of these hours requires CAC access.  If you need access and your CAC is not coded, you should go to NBPL Building 174 at the corner of Strothe Road and Rosecrans, phone number is (619) 553-0938.  Recommend you do this today in the event this office closes in the future.

California Governor Stay Home Decree

Military, Navy Civilians and Contactors may proceed to and from the workplace in support of the DON essential mission despite local authority shelter in place orders.    Supporting documentation will be provided early next week.

For CONUS locations other than California, please use the same guidance and let us know ASAP if there are issues. My assumption is the letters we will be issuing should work for other CONUS locations.  Please let us know if you have additional questions.

For OCONUS locations, please following local Commander for guidance.


All mission travel for Military, Government Civilians and Contractors must be approved by the Executive Director.  Submit your mission travel as far in advance as possible using the Hub travel application.  Travel must be reviewed and approved by your department head prior to ED review.  In some cases, OCONUS mission travel will require additional higher level approval from NAVWAR.  We encourage you to find alternative methods to meet mission requirements without travel.  We also encourage you to limit your personnel travel IAW local State and City directions.  If you are planning personal travel outside of the local commuting area, recommend you discuss with your supervisor to see if there are complicating restrictions upon your return.  If you are planning to travel to a foreign country for any reason, mission or personal, there is a high likely hood you will be required to stay away from the workplace for 14 days depending on where you go.  We are also starting to see 14 day quarantine requirements in countries (Japan, Bahrain) or states (Hawaii, Guam) you may be traveling to.  Please include these types of restrictions when planning your travel.

Military personnel should contact your military COC for personal travel guidance.

HUB Mission Essential Travel Request:

IT Connectivity

Please to the HUB and visit the following site for available IT connectivity information:

We are requesting that to the maximum extent possible you only remainder logged on via a VPN for amount of time you need to sync up your device.  OWA should be the preferred method for reading and sending email.  NMCI and RDT&E will terminate your connection if you are connected with no activity.  We are exploring options to increase availabilities of services.

If you took your CAC Keyboard home and connected it to your home computer to connect to OWA, you can no longer connect it to your NMCI or RDT&E computers.  Please let your ACTR know so we can get you another.

Child Development Care Centers

NBPL CDC remain fully mission capable. They anticipate closing some locations, but NO existing customers will be denied services.  The CDC  will take NEW children of mission essential personnel with a command letter (e.g. lost care due to private provider shutting down).  The reason for securing some locations is to ensure we are resilient and because customer demand is VERY LOW.

Additional Information

We are continuing to post additional information on the HUB and NAVWAR Newsstand.  The following sites are recommended for additional information:

–  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

–  Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC): -Coronavirus.aspx

–  The HUB:

–  NAVWAR Newsstand: