Information updated July 2, 2020:

Welcome to JULY.  We have now have 10 confirmed cases. There were an additional 3 reported last weekend.  The break out is 1 Military, 5 Government Civilians, 2 Contractors and 2 DoD Dependents).  We have 66 in ROM (restriction of movement). Although ROM related to travel is the majority, ROM related to exposure to COVID-19 has significantly increased over the last week.   There are 5 PUIs (persons under investigation).  All personnel that may have been impacted have been notified.  Naval Region Southwest remains in HPCON – C minus.

For the majority of our command, tomorrow is the beginning of a 4 day weekend.  Take the time to decompress and enjoy time with family and friends.  Please also keep in mind that in many parts of the country that our team members reside in, the threat from COVID-19 is still very high. Continue to take proactive steps to protect yourself, family and friends, and team members.

NAVNORTH C19 FRAGO (Attachment 1, 2, and 3): Thanks for your efforts to review the FRAGO.  It is available on the HUB.  Our teammates in LANT also put together a couple of quick review documents that summarizes the “Off Limit” and “Use with Caution” facilities and services from the message.

Travel Restrictions: There are no changes in travel restriction from last week’s status.  The “Unrestricted Travel Tracker dtd 01JUL20” provides the latest factor updates.  All States are green with the exception of California, Florida and Michigan.  All DON facilities in Naval Region Southwest remain Red for travel with the exception of NAS Fallon.

Official Visitor Travel to NIWC Pacific Facilities outside from outside of 250 miles:  For Unrestricted travel between DoD Installations, both the State (factor 1) and Installation (factor 2) factors must be green.  If any factors are red at the sending or receiving command, the first flag or SES in the COC must approve the travel from both the originating command and the receiving command.  For NIWC Pacific, approval is at the Executive Director level.  My recommendation is to ensure a visitor coming from another command has their FLAG/SES approval before you put in a lot of effort in running the visit request up to the Executive Director.   We are updating the HUB visit request now to reflect the ED’s signature for approval.

Personal Travel Status: Military may not travel outside the local travel area (<250 radius of duty station and staying within CONUS) without Flag/SES approval.  Civilians and Contractors are recommended to NOT travel outside the local travel area (<250 radius of duty station and staying within CONUS).  If you choose to travel outside the local travel area, you need to pre-coordinate with your supervisor or COR to assess risk levels and potential ROM requirements upon return.

Contact tracing: Contact tracing is in effect for anyone coming to a NIWC Pacific worksite.  We are asking to keep a daily log of people you come in contact with for greater than 15 minutes and less than 6 feet.  We are also asking you to keep location data of worksite places you have visited during the day.  The intent of contact tracing is to be able to quickly determine potential impacts to the work force and mission in the event that we see an increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases within our workforce.  Please keep the tracing form for 21 days.  The contact tracing form is available on the HUB at

Health Screening Questionnaire: Please continue to answer the questions in the C19 Screening questionnaire prior to coming to the workplace.  The questionnaire can be found on the HUB at .  If you are not coming to the work site, please report the questionnaire answers to your supervisor or COR if any of the answers are yes.  For question 3, local radius is 250 miles from the work site.

Face Coverings: Continue to practice physical distancing at the work site and minimize close contact.  It is mandatory that you wear a cloth face covering if you cannot achieve physical distancing.  The CDC also recommends you stay at least 6 feet between yourself and others even when you are wearing a face covering.  This would be applicable to us in an office environment where there are multiple cubes in the space and there is more than one person in the space.  For all SCIFs, Labs, production and shop areas, cloth face coverings are required to be worn at all times because physical distancing may be difficult to maintain.  Additionally, a mask should be worn at all times in common areas to include restrooms, breakrooms, printer areas, conference rooms, and hallways, cloth face coverings are required to be worn at all times because physical distancing may be difficult to maintain. When wearing a face covering, please ensure your mouth and nose are both covered.

Additional Information

We are continuing to post additional information on the HUB and NAVWAR Newsstand.  The following sites are recommended for additional information:

–  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

–  Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center (NMCPHC): -Coronavirus.aspx

–  The HUB:

–  NAVWAR Newsstand: