NDIA at Navy Fleet Week October 23 – 28, 2018

NDIA was a proud sponsor at the Enlisted Awards Luncheon, a day at Sea World, VIP Reception, and for STEM at the Innovation Zone / Broadway Pier for four days. We were one of the busiest exhibit booth spreading the word on NDIA STEM Outreach, including Robotics, Cybersecurity and Engineering. I would like to thank the Robotic Teams and Volunteers for your support of the 2018 Fleet Week Qualcomm Innovation Zone. It was extremely well received by all visitors including the over 2,000 school children who attended on Thursday 25 October. Volunteers include:Kimberly Davis, Iovanka Todt, Raymond Moberly, Lillian Maestas. And Robotic Teams included: SPAWAR First Lego League, Spyder 1622, Team Optix 3749, Team Inspiration, FTC 4216 Rise of Hephaestus, Cerulean Centaurs, Green Griffins, and W.A.R. Lords Team 2485.

For four days the Port Pavilion Building became home to the Innovation Zone. This space hosted a combination of STEM and high-tech focused displays geared to attract students, service members, their families, and the public. There were numerous vendor booths and interactive displays focused on new and emerging technologies to encourage participation in STEM education programs. There were Ship tours and military armament displays.

If you are interested in attending Fleet Week Innovation Zone – please contact Lillian Maestas at [email protected]

For more information on the Fleet Week events click on the link: https://fleetweeksandiego.org/events/
Fleet Week 2018